Good vibes

Ever felt like there is a day where everything completely goes right? Or well, I shall quote Ngee Ann Poly, a day where there is “that something Xtra” So yes, today is MY day (*Coughs* self-centered much* Coughs*) and I shall blog about it, at the same time, filling up the last journal entry for this storytelling module.

So, today is a Saturday and on Saturday mornings, I work. I usually hate dragging myself out of bed so early in the morning but today, I woke up with a BANG. (I hope you mind my nonsensical exaggerated bullsh*ts) It’s like, I woke up, and I don’t feel the need to go back to sleep anymore, despite only having a 5 hours sleep after a late night movie the previous night. I know I know, 5 hours of sleep and I am able to wake up with a BANG? Crazy, but yeah. Then I went to work, and skip skip skip skip skip all the boring prep work stuff. (Since morning shifts requires prep work before actually opening the store)

Ok, here comes the next part. It was around 11AM. There would be probably a lot of customers coming to Starbucks to get their drinks (which can only range from black coffee to white-girl frappucinos, there is no in between ahahah) but however, the place was not crowded as it should be. and




Then, awesome chill indie rock jazzy music started playing and I flipped. The only music that I ever hear while I work was slow classical music, not that it sucks! I mean, I thought the sudden change of music was pretty awesome and work seemed more fun than usual. My other co-workers (who are poly students too, if you were wondering) made it great too.

By the way, if you’re still reading up till here, I thank you very very very much for reading through so far for my self-centered happy day post.

And then, there was this customer. She asked, “Besides the sparkling juice, do you have sparkling coffee?”


By the way, if you think that I’m actually trying to mock this customer for asking for a sparkling coffee, I’m not alright! Because we both laughed it off too and we were wondering how a sparkling coffee would actually taste like, and who knows, one day, she might be the one to invent this sorcery. She ordered an iced Americano in the end. Yes lady, black coffee still sounds better.

So yeah, work made my day today and hopefully it will be the same next Saturday. (If I wake up with a BANG next Saturday morning, I’ll know.)

I’m not sharing this just for myself, but to you guys too! Probably you have a certain commitment and you actually find it tiring/boring/meh/eugh, don’t always be negative. Good vibes will always come your way somehow, on one fine day. (Of course, the signal is always the BANG.)

I still have half a day left and am gonna spend the later afternoon at my dance class so hopefully this good vibes thing will continue ahahahaha.

Cheers to this last journal entry (?) –> Ugh shit, why does this storytelling module only last for like a term? It’s my personal favourite module in DVFX besides all the drawing and camera stuffs 😦


How about some chill rock songs from Phoenix for this week?

So, we talked about the topic of Happiness during our IS lesson this week. I guess I could talk about that here too since I’m short of one journal entry as well (heh heh).

So, what is happiness? This question may seem rather simple, but it is in fact hard to really define it. You can most certainly google the definition of it but you will find that the definition is not really accurate. We all have our own definition of happiness. As for me, I’d prefer to list down the things that make me happy. (Even though I can assure you I am not a happy person AT ALL)

1. Watching a new episode of my favorite television series
2. Enjoying time with my closest girl friends
3. When things go in the right direction with my OTPs 😉
4. Ballet classes
5. Meeting someone with the common interests
6. Reading a really good book (And what I mean by a really good book is such that the language is perfect, the plot flows really well, and eventually, I find myself finishing it in 2 hours and regret it later because I, well, finished it.)
7. Tumblr, period.
8. When my phone battery is 1% but I manage to charge it in time before it dies out
9. Going to my favourite rock band’s concert with friends/cousins
10. Having to fall into a deep sleep immediately after a long day (Happens pretty much everyday now though ha ha ha)
11. The night before you get to go to the airport and go overseas with your family
12. The fact that Naya Rivera exists because I have a major huge large gigantic crazy girl crush on her
13. Perfecting a winged eyeliner in one go (RARELY HAPPENS THOUGH)
14. …. PAYDAY!! (Although it isn’t much because I only work on weekends sometimes)
15. Spending my payday money (I think this is kind of an UNhappy thing though)
16. Making my friends laugh

So… Yep.
As for things that make me unhappy? Some are pretty deep sh*t so nah, I wouldn’t say it here.
All I can say is, that I’m not a happy person at all, but at least there are little things that I can find contentment in, even if it’s temporary. So you should too! 🙂

Happiness is…

How about some Radiohead to start this unusually rainy week?


So, after today, I can officially say that it has been exactly a month since poly started. Pretty fast aye.

It has been okay(?) so far I guess. I can’t confidently say that I enjoy it because darn, the modules this semester are pretty tough. Most of my modules include drawing and can I just say, I’m not artistically-inclined at all and seeing others (even those who have no art experience) produce such amazing work is disappointing. But oh well, I’ll just go with the flow.

Also, my schedule is getting busier, hence the tendency to feel extremely tired everyday. (And no, coffee doesn’t help at all). Having to manage classes+assignments+CCA(Stage 52)+working on weekends occasionally+my own ballet classes is already pretty exhausting and I can’t even imagine how some others take like 5-6 CCAs in Ngee Ann! Oh, and not to forget, I signed up for FMSS so hey hey hey, good luck to me. (Not for the interview, but for my heavy schedule should I really get in ugh) But oh well, at least there’s an option to NOT go for my CCA. (OH SHIT DON’T TELL ON ME ALRIGHT AHAHAH)

On the bright side, it was quite great to know the other bunch of classmates in my class! Okay, so during the first few days of school, I was mostly with my group/clique in my class and they’re all a really funny/accepting/easy-going bunch! Besides that, I also stuck closely with my close girl friends in Ngee Ann who were in the same Secondary School as me as well. However, I never really got to know the other group of people in my class. After about 2 weeks, I don’t know, but I managed to talk to them and daaaaaaaaaamn, they’re really great people! They all have different personalities and I realised some of us have common interests so that is pretty cool! That feeling was like “WHY, WHY HAVE WE NEVER TALKED DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL OMG WHY.” But anyways, we’re going to be in the same class for 3 years so there’s room to bond 😉

Alright, I shall end here for now because I still have a *Insert curse word here* Scarlett Johansson drawing to complete and it might probably take ages.

Late night musings

Kindness is the way to go

During the weekdays, I’m at school working harddddd (heh heh, not).

During the weekends, I can be seen working at a coffee company (which shall not be named even though my friends know it because hey, I’m blogging about it and there’s this thing called a reputation. Believe me though, what I’m about to type next isn’t anything negative about my workplace! It’s just a POV kind of post so yeah hold your horsies)

So anyways, a topic I’d like to raise this week is ‘being kind to one another’.

While working, I notice people (I’m sorry, this is not going to be a perks of the wallflower reference haha) once they enter. I don’t notice their looks or whatnot, I notice their attitude. Yes, even people of all ages. Majority of the customers come in all happy-smiley and that is awesome. A minority though, enter the store all grim-looking, simply order their beverage in one breath as if they have rehearsed it and proceed to the hand-off station to collect their beverage. I’m not complaining, really. Maybe they are really upset about something, or have had a bad day at work/school. Or worse comes to worse, that’s just how they are. But alright, we cannot assume a person’s personality right? So we’ll just take the bad day at work/school factor and talk about that. So, why can’t they take a moment to smile and place their order? They’re getting a drink to make themselves happy so why not let that happiness begin right from ordering the drink? 

Alright, let’s take this situation into another scene. Where I’m not a cashier and am the barista working on the beverages. Once I hand most customers their drinks, they’ll be like “thank you”, smile and leave. Some even try to come up with small talks. This gesture is great! However, we’ll go back to the minority again. Where they’ll just take their drinks and zoooooooooom, leave. I’m pretty much going to sound like a self-involved person here but I believe they can spare a few seconds just to show a teeny-wee-bit of appreciative gesture like smiling before leaving the store. It’s not a mandatory exercise, but I believe this sort of gesture should be cultivated and shown every now and then.

Just a little fyi, I’m definitely not making this post just for me, it’s just an example from my own work experiences and can be applied to anyone!

All I can say is, even though the society is pretty judgmental nowadays, we should still never forget our own values of being kind, appreciative and gracious to one another. This sort of gesture can not only brighten up someone’s day, but it can also be like a personification for handshakes exchanged at a party, where it will be passed along to one another. Eventually, many people will be nice to each other, not just on a customer-worker basis but also on an everyday basis with the people we meet and we will all be happy.

P.S This blog is not sponsored by any sort of kindness movement but still, I hope people reading this will ponder on this post and think about how to treat others the way they want to be treated in the most positive way ever. 

“Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible.”

  -Dalai Lama


An abundance of thoughts

First blog entry aye?

Well, I tried to think of decent topics for this but I guess it’s pretty much simple that everybody’s first blog entry is about ‘ME.’ How self-centered. Just kidding, because this post is going to be about ‘ME’ as well.

So the first week of poly is already over, and there’s only 1 word to sum up my feelings about it. Crazy.

Crazy in a sense that I have to climb the hills up to classes everyday. *Cues ‘The Hills are Alive’ by the Sound of Music* Okay, well, besides that. Poly is crazy because it is totally different from Secondary School. Okay, that sounds pretty cliché but really. In secondary school, it’s like going through a fixed routine ; wake up, go to school, morning assembly, class, recess, class, dismissal. And then after that we have lunch with our friends or head straight home. Poly, on the other hand, is somehow random-nised. We don’t have a fixed schedule because it might change and it’s up to us to check it our ourselves. *Coughs* Npal Student, MEL *Coughs* It may seem a little hard at first, but I guess it needs some getting used to.

Module-wise? I actually fancy the storytelling module as I love English, especially the writing aspect. That’s why I actually put ‘Creative Writing for TV and New Media’ in Singapore Poly as my first choice. But ehhh, I’m here in DVFX course in Ngee Ann Poly so you should know what the outcome is. (DON’T GET ME WRONG, THIS DVFX COURSE IS GREAT TOO, REALLY) My love for writing is actually mostly due to my love for American television series. You know what they call ‘OTP’ in television shows? That term to describe that one insanely cute couple you’ll always root for? Yep, if I watch an episode of the TV series and see that my OTP are on a breaking point, I’ll be like “WHAT THE FART ARE YOU WRITERS DOING?!” That’s why, I write fanfictions (in which my fanfic account will remain a mystery) where my OTP are in an alternative universe, and they’ll have a happy ending which is dictated by me. Yay. But back here in reality, I’m probably not that fantastic in writing so boo.

Overall, poly is pretty cool, I’m still able to meet up often with my close secondary school friends who are studying in Ngee Ann as well and I’m also really happy with my course mates. (There’s only 30 of us soooooooo)

Alright, that’s enough for now.

Signing off,


Wait I don’t know how to do this ‘I’ve reached my end of my blog post and I’m gonna say bye for now’ thing considering the only personal blog I own is a photo blog aka tumblr.

Oh well,

toodlez. xD 😀 xD 😀 xD (yep, that’s more like it)